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My name is Kie-Gwan Leihitu.

I don't know who you are but I'm a 32 year old guy who looks01 25 and had to show his ID to buy Call of Duty02.

I've been at MediaMonks for 13 years03 where my job is to make dumb ass jokes, bad puns, face swaps, create awkward situations04 and occasionally do some awesome digital design.
I've been fortunate enough to work for the biggest brands in the world and be surrounded with crazy talented people05 who either laugh at my jokes because it's awkwardly bad or laugh out of pity.
Now you sorta know who I am, what about you? How are you doing? How's life?

Let me know.
Slide in my DM on Instagram06 or hit me up at
Extreme sock & shirt matcher / digital designer based in Utrecht (Netherlands) currently a lead designer and team lead at this little company called MediaMonks
Selected works
adidas Yung Series
Close this bitch
Yeaaaaaahhhh!In lil John's voice FWA Site of the Day on the first of January 2019 and an Awwward on the 17th of January.
With this project we're definitely going to rewind it back. All the way to an era where placing random gifs or using insane backgrounds with text that are too hard to read was considered normal.
Together with Öpinionated, we at MediaMonks created this awesome production for the Adidas Yung Series and we were given the opportunity to pay homage to this great and ugly era of the internet. The Yung serie has been around since the 90's and what better way of re-introducing new models or colorways than to present them in the style of the good ol days.
First of all, leave your design principles at home.. at your parents place. While your at it, don't try and align stuff. Maybe even close your eyes while doing it and last but definitely not least, put a lot of gifs in there. Like a lot. Like for real.


  • Big Bad Beryl aka Beryl Chung
  • Alex 'Yung Clooney'Danklof


  • The Gwan and Only aka Kie-Gwan Leihitu
  • Mischa 'Leftie' Loppies
  • Henry 'Man shut up' Stift
  • Josha 'J-Lo' Lopez
  • Giuliano 'Djam Karet' van Hezel
  • Jose 'Letter Magician' Bernabe


  • Matti Mattyn Klaassen


  • Tim 'In the name of love' Ruiters
  • Delano 'The Glyde' Kamp


  • Pieter van Der Sluis
  • Marco Brotas
  • Mattias Hedmans
  • Ronald Mendez


  • Dave van Luttervelt


  • Arjan Dekker
  • Niels 'Aniforce' Beekes


  • Joseph Jackson
  • Steven Boegborn


  • Tara 'T-DOG' Conlin
  • Erik-Jan Ten Brinke
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